Deoria Tal

Deoria Tal

Deoria Tal is a very beautiful lake situated amid dense forests of Rhododendron and Oak trees in Rudraprayag district of Uttrakhand state in India. It is situated at a height of 7800 feet. It is accessible by trekking from Sari Village. From Sari the lake is only 2 kilometer of moderate trekking. The trek is well defined and any person in good health condition can do it. Sari is at a height of 6554 feet, it means you need to gain an altitude of 1246 feet on your trek.

Deoria Tal, Camping here is a life time experience

Deoria Tal, Camping here is a life time experience

Camping at Doeria tal :

It is most beautiful experience to camp at Deoria Tal. You can do camp fire at Deoria Tal. There are not lodges at Deoria Tal and you can stay only in camps. One need to take permission from forest department to enter the area as well as for camping.

Camping at Deoria Tal

Camping at Deoria Tal

The charges for Camping at Deoria Tal.

In Rupees
Entry fees (valid for three days) 150 600
Small tent 50 100
Medium 100 200
Big (More than four people) 500 1000

Weather at Deoria Tal

It is very cold in winters at Deoria Tal and the lake semi freezes. The lake is snow clad during the winters and in summers the weather is pleasantly cool.

Deoria Tal to Chopta Trek

If you are really interested to trek from Deoria Tal to Chopta it is an easy trek as Chopta is at an altitude of 9400 feet. It is 13 kilometer trek and can be done easily in a day. You need to gain an altitude of only 1600 feet in this trek. If you are interested in camping on the way you can also do so. If you are going in a group and some of your group members are not willing to trek they can use road and some of you can trek to Chopta.

Deoria tal as seen from top.

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  1. devesh upadhyaya says:

    I want to do this trek in Feb-March 16.
    How much of snow will there be in Feb?
    Is it feasible to do it?



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